Week 90 – National Hammock Day


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National Hammock Day is on July 22nd…who knew! When I saw our girls swinging whimsically on a hammock in Northern Michigan a few weekends ago, I was reminded about the need to take moments during the summer to slow down, go on a swing, splash in a lake, stare at the sky, feel the wind in your hair… you get the drift.

In honor of National Hammock Day, and the symbol of rest and relaxation that it embodies, I thought it might be worth reprising some of my favorite self-care hacks that I utilized during the pandemic that I can never be reminded enough to use!

HammockHack1: Read more books  
Self-serving as it sounds, I have a stack of business books by my bedside table, and I am committed to getting through one every two weeks during Covid-19. There is no better time to review great lessons learned by business leaders around the globe and sharpen your intellectual sword for battle on the other side of Covid-19.

HammockHack2: Load up on great background music
On a far lighter note, and in the spirit of “celebrating good times” (see Chapter 9 in Leadership and Life Hacks for all the good party tricks), there is no reason not to jam to your favorite tunes while working from home—unless music will disrupt your meeting or distract you while cranking out a project. Otherwise, the beauty of working from home is that it allows you those slight creature comforts you don’t get at an office, e.g., working on your favorite chair or couch, in your robe, with your favorite mug, with your favorite tunes in the background. What’s not to like?

HammockHack3: (Still) do something for yourself daily
In Leadership and Life Hacks, I talk about putting on your own oxygen mask first each and every day. In other words, do something to take care of yourself. This holds true as much as ever in the sheltering-at-home age.

Thank goodness for virtual workouts. Whether you are a Peloton devotee (bike/tread/yoga classes) or can take advantage of your local gym’s online offerings, there is an endless array of athletic content to enjoy digitally. My friend and frequent collaborator Bree Barton is offering her weekly “Rock ‘n’ Write” dance/writing class for free on Zoom. Perhaps this is the time to try something new and get out of your comfort zone—all from the comfort of your own home. All you need is motivation. 

The tools exist for your athletic life to stay on track—if not thrive—while sheltering-at-home. Heck, even our daughters have started to look forward to almost daily sessions of YogaKids on YouTube and in running at the park or on the treadmill at home. If you weren’t already, the Covid-19 era is the perfect time to start or continue to do something for yourself daily.

And for having made it this far in this booklet, please enjoy one complimentary 60-minute (recorded) coaching session with Abdul Sillah via this link. Abdul Sillah is a trainer to the athletic stars and a dear personal friend. For years he has coached me, my family, and my team at multiple companies. (You can also find it in his Instagram bio @AbdulSillah1.)

As always, you can get the full list of “Hacks for the Covid-19 Era and Beyond” via this link.

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