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Alyssa Rapp is challenging audiences across the country to achieve their potential.

A veteran entrepreneur, and current head of a multimillion-dollar healthcare solutions company, Rapp is uniquely qualified to help people find their way in the business world. However, this is far from the limit of her expertise. Rapp helps her audiences understand better ways to parent, how to host, and how to exceed the expectations that the modern world places on us. 

Her speaking topics include:

  • Top 5 Leadership Hacks for Business
  • Life Hacks for the Entrepreneur
  • Life Hacks for Women in Business
  • Life Hacks for Motherhood
  • Modern Mentorship
  • Leadership

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"Alyssa's presentation at our annual women's breakfast was not only insightful and thought-provoking, it was inspiring. We've already received feedback from attendees that were "riveted" by her remarks and "didn't want her talk to end." The details regarding the conference that Alyssa incorporated into her remarks allowed everyone in the room to instantly relate to the topic at hand and evidenced Alyssa's agility as not only a dynamic speaker but an engaging and engaged speaker."

Tonya W. Scharf
Partner, Waller Law


There will be no end to the curveballs that life throws. As soon as you feel comfortable, another setback or new challenge will arise. Alyssa Rapp is driven to help people like her—the doers, those who keep swinging—seek to succeed in both life and career. Every challenge is an opportunity, are you making the most of yours?

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