The Book


100 Tips for Achieving Your Goals with Greater Efficiency and Impact

Insights from a Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, and Executive

In her book, Alyssa Rapp does not rehash the timeworn advice we’ve all heard a million times before. Rapp draws from her decades of experience to provide real-world tips, revealing what works and what doesn’t. Everything from her education at Yale and Stanford’s Graduate School of Business to founding her own businesses, having children, and running a multimillion-dollar company provided Alyssa enough raw material to fill volumes. For now, she chose to condense these life experiences into clear, simple advice that speaks to readers no matter where they are in their journey.

“Life will throw you no end of curveballs,” Alyssa explains. “Sometimes they’re mundane: your car won’t start, your child wakes up not feeling well in the middle of the night that you have an important breakfast meeting. Other curveballs result in a far bigger impact.”

Leadership & Life Hacks provides new perspective on facing these curveballs, mundane or otherwise. Rapp illustrates the overarching importance that we must keep swinging while providing the finer points of navigating delicate situations. This is a true guidebook—one that can certainly be read cover-to-cover but invites readers to open up to any page and digest a quick lesson.


There will be no end to the curveballs that life throws. As soon as you feel comfortable, another setback or new challenge will arise. Alyssa Rapp is driven to help people like her—the doers, those who keep swinging—seek to succeed in both life and career. Every challenge is an opportunity, are you making the most of yours?

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