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GUEST SPOTLIGHT: How To Hack Philantrophy

The importance of giving back is a core value my mother instilled in me from a young age. This holiday season, you may be wondering how to make your gifts more impactful, so I have invited my dear friend Liza Yntema to share her hacks on catalyzing change.

In less than 10 months, Liza Yntema has brought Dance Data Project® (DDP) and advocacy for gender equity in ballet into the national debate. By focusing on metrics, Liza has quickly changed the paradigm, highlighting the lack of leadership opportunities for women and gross pay inequities. How did DDP move so quickly? Dive into her hacks below.

  • Stay Laser Focused on Mission: DDP only focuses on ballet, refusing to get pulled into discussions beyond their expertise.
  • Listen, Listen, and then Listen Some More: At 15 ballet companies and counting, Liza is traveling throughout the US to spend time on the ground, attend rehearsals, talk with leaders, parents, and dancers. The biggest mistake in philanthropy is assuming you know the problem and are certain of the fix. (See Leadership Hack #23: There’s no substitute for looking people in the whites of their eyes.)
  • It’s Not About YouBut You Have to Advocate: Though DDP focuses on numbers, it’s important to also be a face for the cause in the media. Show up and speak up for those who are voiceless.
  • Be Ready to Change Course: Whether its a start-up or an established charity, position your organization to move quickly and strongly in unexpected directions. (See Leadership Hack #17: Be open to the organic next steps professionally.)
  • Make Allies/Honor Your Friends: Get over the scarcity model: there is plenty of credit to go around. Express gratitude as often as you can and highlight the accomplishments of those who work with you.

Wondering how to support gender equality in the arts? Listen and leave a comment on this NPR article on gender equity in ballet, with DDP’s statistics front and center. The more comments, the more likely NPR will do a follow-up and continue asking, “Where are the women?”

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