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Internship Awareness Month

One of the many things to celebrate about April is National Internship Awareness Month.  The role of interns and the place internships have in organizations has become much more professional and organized in the past two decades. Gone are the days of “intern” being synonymous with “volunteer”; many states have now enacted legislation to ensure that interns are respected as the valuable contributors that they are to so many businesses. 

In honor of Internship Awareness Month, I’d like to show my appreciation to Gabby Struik, a current intern for Surgical Solutions.  Gabby started with the company in January 2021 and quickly became an indispensable part of the team. 

Gabby is a graduate of Northwestern University earning her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with a double minor in Spanish and Political Science.  She is looking forward to attending law school in the Fall of 2021 to focus on public service law. 

AJR: What do you think makes an internship most valuable?

GS:  I think internships can be really valuable because of the opportunities they provide to explore fields of work that you potentially have an interest in. 

AJR: I believe in throwing interns into the deep end and providing them with access to senior-level decision-makers to broaden their horizons. What have you learned about yourself from swimming in the proverbial deep end?

GS:  Definitely was thrown into things in the very beginning, but overall it was super helpful because it allowed me to gain an understanding of the company that helped me understand the purpose of each task I was doing. I think I’ve learned that I like knowing the “why” behind what I’m doing because it helps to create a stronger sense of purpose behind it.

AJR: What is the most surprising insight into Corporate American you have gleaned during your internship at Surgical Solutions? Into the US healthcare system?

GS:  While working with Account Supervisors at the various hospitals that utilize Surgical Solutions’ services, I was really surprised by how different the hospital systems are in how they operate. Each system has its own character and way of operating and it’s important to understand the culture of the different facilities.

AJR: How will this internship experience shape your future career choices?

GS:  The internship definitely helped me understand the value of listening to everyone in the company so that you can have a more extensive view of how to best serve the client on a micro-level and not just macro.

AJR:  What is a general takeaway you have from your experience with Surgical Solutions?

GS:  I’ve been really impressed by how everyone in this company, from the surgical technicians all the way up through different levels of management to the executive members, has an incredibly dedicated work ethic. I definitely want to carry that sort of work ethic and dedication with me into whatever I end up doing in the future.

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