Hacks Newsletter Week 64 – Healthy Living Hacks Part II


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Healthy Living January 2021 Hacks Part II

While we are all eagerly awaiting a vaccine and looking forward to when COVID is in our rear-view mirror (you can hear my interview on Bloomberg Radio on the topic of vaccine rollouts here), I wanted to wrap the January 2021 Hacks Newsletter with all the additional ways we can continue to prioritize healthy living this 2021 in addition to the staples of zealous handwashing, social distancing, and mask-wearing:

(1) Take your Vitamins! 


I am a big believer in 1,000 mg vitamin C capsules to fend off the common cold and B-12 for a myriad of health benefits; Hal’s on a much more robust regiment of daily vitamins but Vitamin D is a newer recommendation by his nutritionist to bolster the immune system and potentially stave off COVID. And I am also a loyal consumer of probiotics, Jetson being my probiotic of choice for their seasonal blends. 

Hate pills? Our daughters get their omegas from Smartpants Kids gummy vitamins; my Chief of Staff swears by ZipFizz, a multi-vitamin healthy energy drink mix that has 0 sugar and only 20 calories when mixed with water. 

(2) Stay Hydrated!
The best trick of the trade I have always supported is carrying a S’well water bottle with me in my purse for easy access/refilling (particularly during travel).

Bored with plain old water? There are several products on the market that help to ensure proper electrolyte balance to support hydration and have subtle flavors. My two favorites are NUUN and LiquidIV (Passionfruit flavor).

And there’s always the beloved Kombucha as featured in the recent #TalkandTaste and Hacking Clean January 2021 Newsletter Part I.

(3) Get Enough Sleep
Easier said than done, I know far too well. Consistent bedtime routines benefit all of us, adults and children alike, as do shutting down screens 2+ hours before bedtime, I know, I know. That said, if and when I am awakened in the middle of the night by a child, I have been using Peloton’s sleep Meditation series to help get back to sleep.

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