Hacks Newsletter Week 65 – Valentine’s Day Hacks


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Valentine’s Day Hacks

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to be “early and often” with some 2021 Valentine’s Day Hacks.  Enjoy!

1.  Write More Love Letters

From Leadership & Life Hacks, Life Hack #83:  I write my husband love letters every year, on our anniversary and on Valentine’s Day. And I mean proper love letters, not just a rapidly scrawled Post-it note. Hal wrote me one for our anniversary a few years ago that I still carry in my purse. Just looking at the envelope in which it sits makes me smile. When our children are a little older, I’ll do the same for them. This is a beautiful and authentic way to shower people with praise and remind them of all the things you love about them. 

From Hacks for the New World, Life Hack #6: Write more letters. In the age of Covid-19, we’ve simply adapted this to write more letters, period. Additional ideas could include writing letters to local hospitals to thank the nurses and doctors for their service or leaving a small Post-It note on your front door for the postal worker, FedEx, or UPS delivery person to say thank you for their ongoing service.

2. DIY Valentines

Sure, we all love getting Valentine’s, and nothing is better than a hand-crafted or personalized set.  There is no better form of “letter writing” than hand-made Valentines!  My favorite sites for them are Kiwi Co. and Tiny Prints.

3. Best Family-Friendly Heart Shaped Gifts

Heart-Shaped Pizzas from Lou Malnati’s! A Chicago-area classic that can also be shipped anywhere in the country!

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