Hacks Newsletter Week 208: #Thisis9


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Henriette Morris is a lover of all things purple. She loves her friends. She loves to ride ponies. She loves her Bernedoodle. She loves her Mommy, Daddy, Oma, Opa, misses her Grandma and Papa, and mostly loves (when not swinging haymakers at) her sister, Audrey.
On this Ides of March, a day before Henriette turns 9, thought it would be appropriate to cite the 9 things I love most about Ms. Henriette on the eve of her 9th birthday.
(Who says parents cannot learn from their children?)
Happy birthday, Hettie! I hope the world remains your oyster, forever and ever, always.
9 Things I Love About Henriette Morris on her 9th Birthday

  1. Henriette loves to ride AND take care of horses.
  2. Henriette loves to pretend her puppy is a pony.
  3. Henriette loves to draw and color.
  4. Henriette is thoughtful and compassionate, particularly toward her friends.
  5. Henriette loves to play with her sister….most of the time.
  6. Henriette loves to perform.
  7. Henriette loves to try most types of food.
  8. Henriette loves to ski.
  9. Henriette loves to travel.

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