Hacks Newsletter Week 158 – New Year, New You


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Top 10 Hacks for 2023

  1. Leadership Hack #19: If you want to learn, teach. Be a great, consistent, persistent mentor to someone this year (personally or professionally).
  2. Life Hack #100: Don’t let perfectionism be the death of progress. 
  3. Life Hack #93: Tape your favorite quote to the bottom of your laptop.
  4. Leadership Hack #48: Showing. Up. Matters. Be an awesome friend. Engage/activate civically —whatever that means to you.
  5. Life Hack #73: If you feel beautiful, you are beautiful. And don’t forget to use your Superwoman Suit. 
  6. Life Hack #83: Write more love letters. 
  7. Life Hack #65: Seek episodic vs. daily balance.
  8. Read books by your mentors. See my Reading List here.
  9. Keep up with your favorite new habits from the pandemic. Whether you started Zoom workouts with your team or doing more board games with your kids over the last few years of “hybrid” living, keep going with these “new” life habit hacks in the new year.
  10. Set a new goal for YOU. Start a meditation practice, do a juice cleanse, pick up Irish folk dance. Whatever your goal was in a previous year that you didn’t get to, seize the day in the new year.

Palm Springs, January 2023
Wishing you and yours a safe, healthy, and prosperous New Year! We are rooting for you, 2023!!!


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