Hacks Newsletter Week 102-#HackingScience with Science Bob


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#HackingScience with Science Bob

When determining how to celebrate her 9th birthday this year, Audrey Morris decided that she wanted a theme of “science.”
To our great surprise and delight, “Science Bob” was able and willing to make a guest appearance on her behalf. Science Bob has many claims to fame- and a YouTube Channel to prove it. Whether surprising the 4th graders with exploding pumpkins or delighting with a “geyser” of elephant toothpaste, Science Bob is a master at #hackingscience to entertain youthful and adult audiences alike (why he’s a regular on Jimmy Kimmel).
Thought you would enjoy the behind the scenes discussion with Science Bob about how he comes up with his great next build, and what you can look forward to seeing next.

AJR: What inspired you to create these memorable, startling, and clever experiments?

Science Bob: I’ve always said that before you can teach someone, you need to get their attention. My big demonstrations tend to do just that. Once you have an audience’s attention, you can much more easily entice them with the science and they become more interested in how a concept works.
AJR: If there is one thing about science you wish all elementary school students learned by the age of 10, what would it be?
Science Bob: It would not be a specific topic, but rather a foundation for how science “works.” Once students know the scientific process, they become inoculated to charlatans and misinformation, and they have a better path to investigate and follow their own curiosities.
AJR: What is a type of experiment we can look forward to you producing next?

Science Bob: I just wrapped up setting a Guinness World Record for the most Alka Seltzer tablet rockets launched simultaneously. It was a lot of work and problem solving, but also a lot of fun and interesting science. A link to the experiment is here: https://sciencebob.com/build-a-film-canister-rocket/
World Record video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lc-FptLkF-o

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