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I was invited to join Jocelyn Reaves on her video podcast, Confidence Conversations, for an episode that aired on October 13th (find it here). Afterward, I thought it would be valuable to share why Jocelyn started the Confidence Conversation in the first place. Find my exclusive Q&A with Jocelyn Reaves below.


AR: Why did you start Confidence Conversations?
JR: I started Confidence Conversations reluctantly. I’m a business strategist with an MPH and extensive background in the healthcare industry–I’m a science and numbers girl that wasn’t exactly interested in talking about feelings and emotions. However, in my work in both corporate America and with creative entrepreneurs and startups, I’ve noticed a single consistency: boss women playing small because they’ve fallen victim to imposter syndrome or lack mindset. I work with high power women and had an epiphany over the course of my work that if these women–the ones we look up to who are leading successful companies–are having feelings of self doubt, surely it’s an issue that’s far more pervasive than the boardroom. I started Confidence Conversations to break the stigma and stop the suffering in silence. It’s time to humanize the experience of what it means to be successful, what it means to be a woman, and ultimately, what it means to be confident. The reality of confidence is that it’s something that has to be cultivated daily, hence the name of the site, Cultivating Confidence Daily.
AR:What type of impact do your listeners/clients have in their lives from working with you?
JR: I consider myself a conSOULtant. Sure, I help my clients find success in their businesses, but my real value-add is uncovering internal roadblocks that are preventing success across the board. I ride the fine line between coach and consultant because being successful in business is far more than having the right business strategy or operational plan. A successful leader is one that knows herself, understands her limitations, and pushes those limitations until they no longer exist and only abundance remains. 
AR: What is the most bulletproof way you have seen women increase their confidence in their personal lives? Professional lives?
JR: Whether personal or professional, building confidence starts from within. While confidence on the job, in finances, relationships, or life in general seem like disparate matters, the root of all issues is usually the same. In a world that’s deeply rooted in lack mindset and driven by the desire to acquire more of the seemingly diminishing resources and abundance, there is the inclination to compare and compete, rather than collaborate and communicate. When we compare and compete, we automatically apply a false rating system and assign a value to ourselves and others. Inevitably there is a point during this rating exercise where we lose and our ratings fall short. I help clients uncover how they are rating themselves and why, then we ditch the ratings altogether and level the playing field. We build confidence using a 3-step process: clarity, consciousness, confidence.
  1. CLARITY. We begin by creating clear goals and looking inward to understand what mental, emotional, and circumstantial barriers exist. 
  2. CONSCIOUSNESS. Relentlessly pursuing mindfulness, I work with clients to hold themselves accountable for their destiny. While we can’t always control what happens in the world around us, we can control how we respond, the lessons we learn, and the actions we take moving forward.
  3. CONFIDENCE. As you take charge of your life you begin to notice the seed of confidence inside of you, and watch it blossom as you continue to live with consciousness, peace, and purpose.
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