Hacks Newsletter Week 204 : #BuildingaTeam


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Empower HQ, Austin, TX, January 2024

I was reminded last week how much fun it is to build a team. Even in the early days as everyone is getting to know each other, in person, team building activities are awesome ways to get to know people, their attitudes, and build trust.
Last week, at Team Empower, we got to work with the one and only Abdul Sillah. Once again, he reminded me and us the following timeless adages that transcend industry, stage of enterprise, and time:

  1. Start strong, finish stronger
  2. Building a great team is about constructed a set of roles and responsibilities that helps each person perform at his/her best
  3. Glory is in winning as the team, not an individual; humility is key to highest-performing teams
  4. Self-confidence is the crucial starting point to all success
  5. Mutual respect is required for high performing teams
  6. Hard can be fun if you’re all in it together
  7. Easy isn’t the goal. Shared vision is.
  8. All great accomplishments require some degree of sacrifice.
  9. Whatever you are striving to do, give it your all that day, as this day will not return again.
  10. When all this comes together, teamwork is the dreamwork

 Read more about Abdul Sillah here.


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