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Gloria Morris started Float Sixty exactly seven years ago. A technology sales leader by day, “by night,” she yearned to found a floatation-tank based business that would be restorative and meditative for all visitors. Below you’ll find our exclusive Q&A with Gloria, her tips on why floating cold plunging and sauna modalities are so good for you, and her recommended Valentines Day Restorative experiences.
AR: What inspired you to found Float Sixty 7 years ago?
GM: When I tried floating for the first time in 2015, I was skeptical but reluctantly gave it a shot. I had been working in tech with the same company for over a decade and realized I was always wired and over stimulated. Floating gave me the most powerful hour of calm, reflection, and focus. I knew I needed to do this more often and felt everyone I knew needed to try it. I was inspired to share this powerful modality, but I wanted to create a brand that made it less intimidating and more accessible to everyone. I created the brand, envisioned the space, and opened the first location in Chicago’s River North location in just nine short months from my first float. That was the impact floating made on my life. 
AR: Why is the gift of float the best V-Day gift ever? 
GM: We love to help people gift the experience of floating as it is truly unforgettable! You are literally providing someone the gift of the most peaceful and restful sixty minutes. Chocolates are fine too but they are always more delicious after a float! We also have an amazing infrared sauna and cold plunge that is great for reducing inflammation in the body and recharging. This hot/cold contrast therapy is great for many reasons. In our video, you will hear my son John and longtime team member Rochelle share what to expect when you visit our Chicago studio. We have the best staff! 
AR: When your guests float, what benefits do you most hope they’ll walk away with?
GM: When our guests float in our silky solution of over 1000 lbs of Epsom Salts, they are experiencing the ultimate in relaxation for the mind and body.  The magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer, so the tension and soreness just melt away and the zero gravity/weightless experience is a tremendous relief for all muscle groups, including your back. Personally, I experienced the most restful and deepest sleep after floating for the first time, it was and continues to be profound.  In today’s crazy world of sensory overload, the benefit of removing all external stimuli for sixty minutes is priceless. The mind has a chance to rest and reset and you can’t find that easily unless you are sleeping. 
AR: 7 years from now, what are your aspirations for Float60? 
GM: Looking back at the last seven years I am thrilled to share that we have facilitated over 100,000 wellness session between our four locations. We hope that by 2030, we will have over a quarter of a million more!  My goal is to make floating the first thing people think of when they feel tired and stressed, have sore muscles or if you just need focus, time to be creative with no distraction or just a safe space for reflection,  
AR: Best Float gift/gift card for readers to buy this V-day?!
GM: The cool thing is that our gift cards are all customizable, can be purchased anytime and can be sent digitally! We recommend The Float Sixty Experience.

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To learn more about the benefits of floating and to check out the FloatSixty, watch the FloatySixty welcome video


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