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A2B Essentials 

My friend Bridget Daly comes from a storied Chicago political family, and has had a fascinating career to date spanning media, luxury Champagne, and more.
Her latest endeavor is in some ways the most practical of all: “Tear It, Share It Sage Cleansing Wipes for All of Life’s Adventures.”
She learned during her time as a producer on Oprah “to build a business out of your own necessities.” So, now she has.
You can buy her latest product at www.A2Bessential.com.
They smell lovely and make you feel refreshed all around.
Keep reading for our exclusive Q&A with Bridget.
AJR: What did you learn from being a Daley that drives you in business?

BD: It wasn’t so much about being a “Daley” in Chicago. It is more personal than that. My influence was from my father, Jim Daley, and my grandfather, Jack Daley. They taught me perseverance, hard work and to learn from my failures, because that’s when you really grow and evolve as an entrepreneur. I call myself the conscience connector and take pride in the “rolodex” that I have built over years of coffees and cocktails. And most (if not all) of that “rolodex” has turned into great friendships. I know not to burn bridges but to burn the boats. 

AJR: Why wipes, and why now?

BD: You really want to hear this?! Ha! 5 years ago I found myself divorced and dating for the first time in almost 20 years. I was 40 and my competition ranged from 25-55 year old vaginas. It was an awkward time in my life and I wanted to feel confident and quite honestly, smell good too. Wipes have been highly marketed towards men. I wanted a wipe that was for both of us. How can we take such an uncomfortable conversation and make it more approachable, more acceptable? A2B hygiene wipes are an ALL OVER body wipe. And, yes – my story leans into the world of private parts but I have learned it is so much more. It’s the wipe you use after a golf game, yoga class, hiking, etc. We are the wipe for all of life’s adventures. 

AJR: Why sage?

BD: I have always loved the practice of “saging” or “smudging” your home. I do it almost everyday. It’s a spiritual tradition that is said to protect and cleanse your space of negative energy. So, I thought to myself – I’ve been cleansing and protecting my home/office for years. Why am I not doing that for my most important space?? My body. Sage is antimicrobial and extremely hypoallergenic. I have also found that the sage component of the wipe repels insect bites. The benefits of sage are endless and I guarantee you will feel refreshed, reset and restored with every use.

AJR: How will you know if you’ve “made it?”

BD: I already feel like I’ve made it. I have three amazing children and that is my greatest accomplishment. I think it’s also important that every entrepreneur give credit to themself for actually walking the walk. At the end of the day I always remind myself that I did it. Three years ago I said I would create the best personal care wipe on the market and I can say with confidence, I have done just that. No matter where I am in one year or twenty years – I will look back and know that I always did what I said I would do. Action matters in so many aspects of our lives.

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