Hacks Newsletter Week 154: #healthyholidayhacks


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My friend over 30+ years, Leah Bostrom, has built a fabulous and impressive business as a health coach and food entrepreneur. Her healthy snacks are delicious, nutritious, and festive- her peppermint bark is out of this world.

For some healthier yet tasty stocking stuffers and gifts, go to www.chialeah.com to stock up.

For some super pragmatic tips maintaining one’s sanity and wellness during the holidays, see Leah’s top 5 #healthholidayhacks below.

1. #healthyholidayhacks #1:  Even 10 minutes of daily exercise helps!

Just 10 minutes of daily exercise is key to giving our bodies a chance to unwind and recalibrate. If we are physically healthy, we feel more calm and emotionally present. Listen up friends! This does not have to be extreme – squeezing in a 10 minute walk or taking a few minutes to stretch a few times a day works. Being CONSISTENT keeps us committed to the daily habit of moving. That way, when we do have more time or energy to do more, it’s not daunting, it’s invited in to our day. 

   2. #healthyholidayhacks #2: “Redefine a Treat”

Definition of treat: an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.
Often sugar=treat but it causes a bonk in our moods an inflammation in our bodies. How can we find other “go-to” treats this holiday season?  
A treat for me this time of year is hiding out on our living room couch with a novel and a cup of tea for 20 minutes, a walk down memory lane with my photos in my phone, or a call to a friend who will make me laugh for a few minutes. 
What treat gives you simple pleasure besides food?

3. #healthyholidayhacks #3: Get more sleep

Sleep provides energy, calm, weight maintenance & the reboot we need to function efficiently.  Too little sleep affects our cravings. Sleep deprivation increases hunger hormone and decreases satiety hormone therefore fueling carbohydrate and sugar cravings.  
If you constantly crave sweets or caffeine in the afternoon, have an honest moment with yourself about your sleep routine.  Don’t expect this to change overnight (no pun intended). Know that just by exploring your own sleep and how you can better it is an excellent first step.

4. #healthyholidayhacks #4: Eat the Rainbow

Eat colorful real foods that contain fiber, (fruits & veggies).
Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and hydration. Always make room for them in your diet. 
-Start the day with a Chia Leah Breakfast Cookie, made with fresh banana and other real foods that contain filling fiber!
-Reach for the crudite and hummus at holiday parties before some of the other options.
-Roast veggies from the back of the fridge to add to any meal. My new favorite roasted veggies: turnips & radishes! 
-Keep an apple or clementine in your bag for a refreshing anytime snack. If you are prepared, you are setting yourself up for success. 

#healthyholidayhacks #5: Hug and give thanks whenever possible! 

If you have something good to say, SAY IT! 
If you think a friend or family member needs a gentle hug, give it!
Acts of kindness and love are good for our health, our hearts & longevity!

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