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I have only been through the Tokyo airport once~Japan is on the top of my bucket list to visit. So for this week’s #travelhacks, longtime AJR Ventures team member/guest hacker Essence Sillah is providing her notes from her recent visit to this spectacular country.
“Japan has been my number one place that I have always wanted to visit but being a college student and constantly busy with school I didn’t think that I would have opportunity to go anytime soon. Which is why when the offer came to me a couple weeks ago to take a trip to Tokyo, I couldn’t turn it down. My weeks two there really allowed me to fully immerse myself in the Tokyo lifestyle. If you ever find yourself taking a trip to Japan, here are some of my favorite tourist activities to do:
Taste of Tokyo: The food is amazing in Tokyo. It was one of many things I looked forward once I landed. I went to so many restaurants, and I even had to the opportunity to dine at the Kill Bill restaurant call Gonpachi. It was not my favorite place, but it was a great experience. That is not the only experience that you would want to should try. If you have not gone to a Japanese steakhouse before, then Tokyo is the place to finally try it. What I loved most about the steakhouses is that they always brought out the assorted vegetables, so that your able to visually choose what you want. The best part is that everything is cooked right there in front of you.
Visit the Shrine: I went to the most famous shrine in Tokyo called the Meiji Jingu. It was beautiful, and the scenery that surrounds the shrine was a breath of fresh air. You do have to walk for about 15 mins before you get the actual shrine, but it is 100% worth the walk. Fun Fact: You are not allowed to walk through the middle of the arches because it is meant for the Gods to walk through.
Shinjuku:  If you are a shopper and that is one activity that you look forward to when you travel, lucky for you Japan has unlimited places to do that. Shinjuku was one of my favorite places to shop. You will find a variety of stuff such clothes, authentic Japanese souvenirs, food, and more. If you don’t mind how busy it gets, then it is definitely an area to check out
Arcades: While on my trip I learned that arcades are a huge activity in Japan for all ages. My favorite games to play were the claw machines. The prizes are amazing and fantastic quality, so it was always worth the money. Even if arcades are not for you, I think you can an exception for your visit to Tokyo.”
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