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Introducing Bibi’s Got Game by Bianca Andreescu

WTA Tennis star Bianca Andreescu is thoughtful, intellectually curious, and self-aware. For all of these reasons, in her extended time off this off-season, she made a number of memorable and wise investments in herself – including turbo-charging her practice of meditation.
A gift that the affable athlete gave to the world during her time off is her first children’s book, Bibi’s Got Game (Penguin Random House, releasing May 31, 2022). I was impressed to hear that she wanted to use her time and talent to do so, and think adults and children alike will enjoy this story of a young athlete who meditates, and her dog. You can preorder the book here.
I also thought you would enjoy this exclusive sneak-peek interview with Bianca on Bibi. You can watch Bianca in her return to the WTA Tour starting next week in Stuttgart, Germany.
We’re rooting for you, Bianca and Bibi!
AR: Why did you decide to write a children’s book?
BA: I decided to write a children’s book because first of all I love kids! If I can help to slowly implant little things in their heads like “never give up” and “chase your dreams” then my mission with the book is accomplished. I also wish I had a book like this when I was younger but at the end of the day the book can be useful for people of any ages.
AR: What have you learned about yourself through Coco the dog, meditation, and taking a little time off?
BA: I’ve learned a lot over the past few years and I definitely can say that Coco, meditation, and taking time off for myself have a truly helped with my successes on and off the court. Coco reminds me every single day what unconditional love looks like. Meditation because I love working on the mind…. I think it’s the most powerful tool that we have in our lives. Taking time off was crucial because as an athlete you work so hard that you sometimes forget to slow down and maybe even stop taking care of yourself properly. I believe that we should all have days where we do nothing. It can sometimes be even more beneficial than working.
AR: For kids who read Bibi’s Got Game, what do you hope it inspires them to do?
BA: I hope anyone who reads this book realizes how meditation, visualization, and mindfulness can really be beneficial. I also want kids in particular to realize that never giving up is probably the biggest step to take in accomplishing your dreams. I also want to honor and acknowledge that having close family or friends that support you in your life can make a huge difference because let’s be honest, it’s hard to do special things without having special people in your life that love and support you.
You can pre-order your copy of Bibi’s Got Game by Bianca Andreescu here. You can watch Bianca in her first match back for the 2022 season in Stuttgart, Germany on the Tennis Channel!
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