Hacks Newsletter: #TalkandTaste: A Year in Review

A Year in Review

#TalkandTaste: A Year in Review 

When Tracy Byrnes and I started the #talkandtaste series in 2020, we thought it would be a single season, Covid project. But as the Coronavirus continues to mutate, #talkandtaste has lived on.
In this last edition of #hacksthenewsletter of 2021, it felt right to reprise Season 2 (“a year in review) of #talkandtaste. In case you are looking for some more podcasts to load up your earbuds during year-end runs or walks, or if your Netflix queue is getting lean, I hope revisiting of some of these episodes where Tracy and I discuss the financial markets over wine will be interesting and entertaining as you close out the year and commence the next.
Cheers to 2022!
#TalkandTaste Season 2: A Year in Review
January 6, 2021: #talkandtaste Dry January Edition: #kombucha tasting
January 20, 2021: #talkandtaste Inauguration Day Edition (Live from Jackson Hole)
February 10, 2021: #talkandtaste Goes to Spain: Featuring #WinesofRioja
February 3, 2021: #talkandtaste Superbowl Wines: Featuring Serious American Wine Greats  (like @springmountainvineyard @jwinery @loka
March 23, 2021: #talkandtaste Outdoor edition (live from Dallas): @Cakebread Chardonnay
April 14, 2021: #talkandtaste Talks Spring Pinots @sheawinecellars
May 5, 2021: #talkandtaste Cinco de Mayo Edition~ with special guest Liza Yntema of @DanceDataProject (and Killer Tequila-based Cocktails)
May 26, 2021: #talkandtaste “On the Road” Memorial Day Edition: Burgers, Wine, Financial Markets, and Zen Good Wines @EnRouteWine
July 7, 2021: #talkandtaste Summer Edition: Rosé, Sancerre, Finance and Wine
July 21, 2021: #talkandtaste Talks Boardrooms and Boatrides;  Tracy sipping #Sancerre (in a @Yeti), @alyssajrapp Sipping Summer with Sparkling Wine of #Michigan L.Mawby Vineyards
September 1, 2021: #talkandtaste Talks Finance and Wine over @paulhobbswines and @caymuscab on #cabernetday (wines later preserved by @coravin)
September 15, 2021: #talkandtaste Celebrates #internationalgrenacheday
November 24, 2021: #talkandtaste Thanksgiving 2021 Edition
December 8, 2021: #talkandtaste Year-End 2021 Edition: Winter Whites
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Missed the previous episodes of #talkandtaste? 
Watch all the episodes from season 2 here.



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