Week 184- #EndofSummerHacks


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It’s hard to believe it’s already August 2023. Not quite sure how the year, let alone summer, has already flown by. In the spirit of prioritizing our activities these final four weeks until Labor Day, I offer up these end of summer rituals/hacks here at Team Morris, hoping they resonate with you:
(1) Enjoy Live Music
We have some Ravinia (CSO & More) and rock and roll (Guns and Roses at Wrigley) on the docket. While we have yet to experience the great Taylor Swift Eras tour live, we have enjoyed some awesome live music already this summer (some All-American country like Eli Young Band and Zac Brown Band @ the Windy City Smokeout.) The more we see, the more I wish we saw. 
Windy City Smokeout (July 2023)

(2) Take Long Walks
Our epic day retracing the steps that led to the American Revolution in Boston on the Freedom Trail was our most memorable walk this summer (17k steps or 9 miles, the girls like to remind us!). But even if it’s a few miles around the neighborhood with one’s dog and/or with your favorite adult beverage in tow, long walks seem the perfect pairing for the dog days of summer. 

Freedom Trail-George Washington Statue in Boston Commons (August 2023)
(3) Enjoy a Boat ride
Whether paddle boarding or sailing or cruising in a pontoon or speed boat, there is nothing as therapeutic as spending time on the water. Sneak in one more ride if you can.

Sailing in Cape Cod (August 2023) and in front of the USS Constitution on the Freedom Trail in Boston (August 2023)
(4) Toast the End of Summer with Rose
Can’t say I can pick a favorite rose this summer, there have been so many winners. Two perennial favorites include:
(The Timeless) Whispering Angel 
(Brilliantly Named) Hampton Water 
(5) Build More Legos
Legos are a staple in our house, all summer long. The current fan favorites are all things Friends Lego Series for Henriette or all things Lego Botanicals for Audrey
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