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I am delighted to feature yet another extraordinary female entrepreneur in this week’s edition of #HacksTheNewsletter. Emily Groden (https://eatevergreen.com/pages/about-us ) is the founder of Evergreen Waffle. Hear about her terrific story and products in this exclusive Q&A. Happy waffling!
AR: Of all the products you purchased and companies you could have launched, why EW?

EG: It all comes down to a fateful podcast episode!  In 2017, I was the General Counsel of The Alinea Group/Tock. I was driving home from work one night, listening to a food podcast as I usually did, and the episode started talking about frozen waffles of all things. Cliff Notes version: it’s a huge market, and it’s still dominated by Eggos.  Pregnant with my first daughter, I started asking myself questions. “What am I going to feed her? I’ll be a working mom, and I certainly won’t have time to cook from scratch in the mornings, but I don’t want to feed her Eggos every day.”That weekend, I surveyed my local frozen aisle and was dismayed to learn that even the better-for-you brands were pretty much Eggos dressed in healthier looking packaging. Unwilling to settle, I bought mini waffle iron and got to work!
AR: What have been the highlights of startup life? Lowlights?

EG:  There have been plenty of both.  Often in the same day!  The highlights of startup life are the messages we get from happy consumers. It feels like yesterday that I was still making waffles in my kitchen and sticking them in the freezer in a ziploc bag. It completely blows my mind that there are people nationwide who select Evergreen out of all the frozen waffles on their grocery store shelves.  I’m really honored that we have a place in so many people’s homes.  Despite the amazing messages we get from our customers and my incredibly supportive family and community…entrepreneurship can still be lonely!  For the first three years of the business, I was the only employee. Fortunately, I’ve been able to hire a dream team around me this year, and I no longer feel like I’m in this alone. I feel really lucky to be surrounded by such devoted, talented colleagues.

AR: My husband likes Eggos and does not appreciate that I strongly prefer to serve anything but homemade waffles with real Maple Syrup. Could EW be a happy medium?

EG: 100%.  At Evergreen, we like to say that our waffles are fun, delicious, and convenient…and just happen to be nutritious!  Almost every waffle brand has a Homestyle, Chocolate Chip, and Blueberry flavor.  It was time to shake things up.  Our flavors include Zucchini Carrot Cake, Peanut Butter Banana Bread, Apple Cinnamon Cobbler, and Chocolate Zucchini Bread.  When you eat our waffles, you feel like you’re indulging in your favorite dessert, but you’re also consuming a ton of protein, fiber, fruits & veggies, and whole grains.
AR: Are waffles just a breakfast food?

EG: Definitely not!  In our household, waffles are breakfast, snack, and even dinner.  I know my family is probbaly biased, but our customer research backs us up!  In fact, over a third of our customers report eating Evergreen as a snack.
To sample EW for yourself, go to www.eatevergreen.com and use code yyy for zzz benefit. Happy eating!


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