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32 years ago, this time of year, my tremendous husband, Hal Morris, was an instrumental player on the 1990 CINCINNATI REDS WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM. Continuing with the #proathletehacks series, we are reprising this Q&A between Hal and Audrey, appropriately timed in concert with the 2022 World Series.
Audrey:  You won the 1990 World Series with the Cincinnati Reds by beating the Oakland Athletics in four games.  What is your favorite memory of that World Series? 

Hal (aka Daddy): We had won the first three games of the series and it was the 8th inning of the 4th game. We had a runner on 3rd base.  It was a tie game with one out.  I knew if I hit a sacrifice fly or if I drove that runner in there was a good probability we were going to win the World Series.  I hit a fly ball to right field.  As soon as I hit the ball up into the air I knew we won the World Series….the second that ball left my bat I knew we won.  It was a feeling like none other. 

Audrey:  Winning a World Series in a dream shared by millions of American boys.  What hacks would you give to anybody, not just athletes, about how to best achieve your goals? 

Hal (aka Daddy):  I think in today’s vernacularly they talk about “deliberate practice” which refers to working very hard, working very smartly and efficiently, and concentration on working on your weaknesses. Also, having a good coach to watch you and be able to give you feedback about your performance. To all the young players or athletes or anybody working hard to achieve their goals, work as hard as you can, and listen to your coaches and instructors. 

Audrey:  Playing in a World Series must be very stressful.  What hacks would you give to our readers about performing under pressure?

Hal (aka Daddy):  It goes back to the previous question about working hard to achieve your goals. When you worked hard and perfected something and then when you are put in a pressurized situation if you have done it so many times it is going to come naturally to you.   I made sure that whenever I was in a pressurized situation I had made sure I had already done it hundreds of times before so the pressure wouldn’t be the issue. 

Audrey:  Winning a World Series has to be an unbelievable feeling.  What advice hacks do you have on how to reward yourself after achieving such an amazing life-long goal?

Hal (aka Daddy):  The night we won the World Series, well,…we had an interesting owner.  Typically they would have a big celebration for us at the hotel, but the owner of the Red’s didn’t do that for us.  So a bunch of guys we went to the restaurant across the street and had a cheeseburger and that might have been the best burger I’ve had in my life.  Surrounded by your friends at a time like that was great. 

Audrey:  What advice would you give to a player playing in the World Series right now?

Hal (aka Daddy):  I would say, listen, guys, embrace the moment because, they come and go so quickly, as will your entire career.  When I was a rookie we had a fine player named Billy Doran from Cincinnati and he said, “Hal, listen, 10 years is going to go by in the blink of an eye, so really relish every moment of it.”  That was some of the best advice anybody ever gave me. 

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