Hacks Newsletter Week 130- Thanking our Nurses


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Thanking our Nurses   

In honor of National Nurse’s Week last week, we are honoring Healthcare Workers because it serves as a reminder of the daily contributions that over 4 million nurses give to the general welfare of the American public each year.
These recognitions are especially poignant in my mind because of the great sacrifices nurses make every day, particularly during the pandemic. My grandmother, Ada Menko Hartog, died of ovarian cancer at age 50 in 1972.  She recognized the incredible role nurses played during her care but was struck by the dearth of minority nurses.  So she and my grandfather created the Ada F. Hartog Memorial Scholarship at Pace University for nurses from diverse backgrounds to support the ongoing education of nurses in the United States. 

As the CEO of Surgical Solutions from 2018-2021, I experienced first-hand that healthcare workers work tirelessly to keep our loved ones healthy.  In their honor, here are a few #healthylivinghacks for healthcare workers in honor of last week’s National Nurses week

HacksforHealthcareWorkers1: Remember to take time for yourself. 

In what seems to be a dog-eat-dog world at times, we are all responsible for setting the tone and purpose for ourselves each day. This is as true for healthcare workers as anyone else. It is your job to put your own oxygen mask on first (HACK #69).

HacksforHealthcareWorkers2: Find One, Be One: The Power of Mentorship.

Sometimes healthcare workers know they have a passion for patient care and clinical excellence, and a desire to learn more about the business of healthcare. What then? Find a mentor and leverage him/her as your career “river guide.”

HacksforHealthcareWorkers3: The patient always comes first.

We all have to remember at all times that the person on the table is someone’s mother/sister/nephew/brother. Patient-centric care is the core purpose of any healthcare activity. Or it should be.

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