Hacks Newsletter – Week 10 – New Year, New You


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New Year, New You.

Now that you’ve celebrated and rung in a new decade, I’ve compiled a list of hacks to help you stay on track with your resolutions—and perhaps get inspired to add a few more to your list. Cheers to a radiant, rejuvenating, challenging, satisfying and love-filled 2020!

Hacking the New Year

  1. Leadership Hack #19: If You Want to Learn, Teach. Be a great, consistent, persistent mentor to someone this year (personally or professionally).
  2. Life Hack #100: Don’t Let Perfectionism Be the Death of Progress. 
  3. Life Hack #93: Tape your favorite quote to the bottom of your laptop. See the picture of mine below, courtesy of Jacki Rigoni
  4. Leadership Hack #48: Showing. Up. Matters. Be an awesome friend. Engage/activate civically —whatever that means to you.
  5. Life Hack #73: If you feel beautiful, you are beautiful. And don’t forget to use your Superwoman Suit. 
  6. Life Hack #83: Write More Love Letters. 
  7. Life Hack #65: Seek Episodic vs. Daily Balance.
  8. NEW: Read Books by Your Mentors. See my Reading List here.
  9. Eat More Quinoa.

      P.S. NEW (ANNUAL): Visit at least one new city, state or country each year. 
      P.P.S. NEW (PER DECADE):  Do something that scares you each decade.

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After sharing weeks’ worth of hacks, I want to hear from YOU! What are your top 5 favorite hacks? Click on the link below to submit your vote. 

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