Hacks Newsletter Week 60 – Happy New Year


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Welcoming 2021

Oh, what a year it’s been. We started strong, finished stronger. We locked down. We masked up. We tested. We quarantined. We adapted. We evolved. We embraced simplicity. We Zoomed. We Zoomed. And we Zoomed some more.

And in the midst of it all, an extraordinary silver lining has proven to be the cherished time with family. More quiet times puzzling and playing with our kids. More quiet times over a glass of wine or a movie with my husband. More socially distanced but proximate meals with our aging parents. And so forth.

As 2020 inches to a close, I am reminded that as much as I strive, climb, and push, and crave attention to detail and excellence in all endeavors, I am reminded time and time again of Hack #100 from Leadership & Life Hacks:

A la the Pareto principle, if you can do 80 percent of the things you want to do with the time you have, then trust your instincts, go with your intuition, synthesize quickly, and go. The incremental 20 percent may simply yield diminishing returns.
Wishing you and yours a safe, healthy, and prosperous New Year’s Eve celebration….and we’re rooting for you, 2021!!!


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