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Mentorship Hacks Adapted for the Working From Home Era 

Last week, we reprised the mentorship hacks from both Leadership & Life Hacks and Hacks for the New World in honor of the late, great Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

This week, I had the pleasure and privilege of moderating a panel on mentorship for women students at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business as seen above, featuring four terrific Booth alumnae panelists. 

Some of their adaptations for mentorship in the COVID-19 era were too good not to share.

Leadership Hack #1:
Hacks for the New World: Leverage Video Technologies Wherever Possible

Adaptation: Sometimes you need fresh air more than another Zoom so one of the panelists recommended scheduling virtual “walks” and revert to AirPods and a “walkabout” vs. another calendered Zoom when meeting with mentors/mentees. I like it!

Leadership Hack #47:
Leadership and Life Hacks:  Be Conscious of Time

Adaptation: Be even more efficient/purposeful/clear in what you’re seeking from your mentor. Tee up ghostwritten emails. Make it easy for someone to do what you need him/her to do for you!

Leadership Hack #48:
Leadership and Life Hacks:  Showing Up Matters

Adaptation: While physically showing up always matters, it’s been much more difficult to do in the Work From Home era. The net effect: less “water cooler conversations” and spontaneous meetings in the halls of offices that offer opportunities for natural collisions that help build relationships. Instead, send spontaneous texts to say you are thinking of someone. Just a quick hello to stay front and center in their minds.



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