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Your Life is 60% Optimized

You are keenly aware of and skilled at identifying when something isn’t working properly, both professionally and personally, but you hesitate to address it. You are a skilled leader, intentional about developing relationships as a mentor and executive, but things slip through the cracks more frequently than you’d like them to. From your responses, it is clear that you are yearning  for solutions to become more efficient during your day. You are eager to find ways to live and lead with greater impact, and I am here to help. Here is a tip for you to consider:

Life Hack #68: Multitasking is not a choice; it’s a necessity. If you’re a parent who doesn’t know how to multitask: learn quickly. This doesn’t mean only being half-present for your kids. It means finding ways to pair up tasks that work well together—engaging your kids in meal prep, talking to Grandma on the drive to school, etc.—and making your children active participants.

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