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Your Life Needs Optimization

Based on your responses, there are areas in your life that could use some “hacking”. You may feel overwhelmed and unsure about where to start but fear not: you are in the right place to get the structure and guidance you’re looking for. There are many simple, practical changes that you can make today — hacks that can simplify your life and get you on track towards achieving your goals.

Here is a tip from Leadership and Life Hacks for you to consider: 

Life Hack #100: Do not let perfectionism be the death of progress. This might be the most important hack of the entire book. A la the Pareto principle, if you can do 80 percent of the things you want to do with the time you have, then trust your instincts, go with your intuition, synthesize quickly, and go. The incremental 20 percent may simply yield diminishing returns.

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